Digital Kids' Zone 2021: Science Competition

A science competition has been organized for the students of classes 6th to 10th. It is an opportunity to identify and demonstrate several scientific phenomena occurring in our daily lives.

Each participant can submit a video explaining a scientific phenomenon they observe around them.

The video, as well as sketch, can be prepared for:

  • Any experimental model explaining the working of simple scientific phenomena
  • Any observation-based study on biological processes occurring in plants and animals
  • Any observation-based study on stars and constellations.

Awards and appreciation policy:

Out of the total contribution, 10 students will be chosen as the winners. Winners will be given certificates and be awarded exciting prizes too!

The video submitted by each participant has been thoroughly examined against the following criteria:

  • Use of enlisted household material in the fabrication
  • Max permissible time duration of 3 minutes.
  • Novelty in experimental design
  • Effective presentation to show the outcomes of an experiment and the details of elements used.
  • Careful use of the scientific terms while explaining the experiment
  • Minimal need for the pre-requisite knowledge to understand the video
  • Normal speech rate
  • Conclusive remark

List of Winners

Student Name Topic School Experiment Video
Anaswara Ramesh
DNA Extraction
Bhavans Adarsha Vidyalaya
Dhikkshita S
DAV Girls Senior Secondary School
A. Peppin Jason
Magnetic Compass
Vagdevi Vilas CBSE School
Shaswathi Souresh
Carbon Dioxide Formation
D.A.V Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram,
Sundram Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Aviyur
J. R. Jerushatha
Suction Pressure
St.John Vianneys Girls' Higher Sec. School, Palliadi
Alpita Surbhi
Liquid Separation
A.V.M Education Center
K. Kalaimagal
Sundram Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Aviyur
V. Rohitha
Rainbow Formation
Government Model Girls Higher Secondary School
Thanushree M Gowda
Vijaya School