The Science for Rural India (SFRI) group originated during the discussions by a few like-minded students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc Bangalore, way back in 2016, who felt the need to do something about science education in rural India. The quality of education in most parts of rural India is dismal. Being students of one of the pioneering institutes of higher education in the country, we believe that a part of the responsibility lies on our shoulders, and we should address this problem directly or indirectly.  Slowly, over time, the idea of SFRI extended to the student community in other departments, and many students with similar visions joined the group. Currently, the group has around 30 active members, including students, staff, and faculty from various departments on the campus.

Executive Committee (2023-24)

Suyog update

Suyog Mahulkar



Gautam Revankar



Nilesh Potghan

Chair, SFRI-IIT Division

Sajjan Raj Keshari

Sajjan Raj Keshari

Co-Chair, SFRI-IIT division

Anchal Singh

Anchal Singh Thakur

Chair, SFRI-IISc division

Chetan Teki

Chair, SFRI-IISc division

Akshaya C. Nikumbh


SFRI-IISc Division (2024-25)

Prince Singh

Prince Singh Sisodiya

Hemanta Dikshit

Hemanta Dikshit

Rudra Kharsade

Maharudra K


Vivek Upadhyay

Shrutee Jalan

Shrutee Jalan

Ashok update

Ashok B.

(Advisory member)

SFRI-IIT Division (2024-25)

Narayan Venkitachalam_IISc_convenor

Narayan Venkitachalam

(Lead convenor, IISc)


Biswajit Bharat

(Convenor, IIT Roorkee)

Susant update

Sushant Pandurang Karale

(Convenor, IIT Roorkee)


Virat Dhabalia

(Digital Kids’ Zone Convenor)

Atirah _IITB

Atira Zahoor

(Convenor, IIT Bombay)



(Convenor, IIT Guwahati and IIT Hyderabad)

Ashma Parween_ IIT Kanpur convenor

Ashma Parween

(Convenor, IIT Kanpur)

Dinesh Kumar_IITkgp_convenor

Dinesh Kumar

(Convenor, IIT Kharagpur)

Jayashree Vijaya Raghavan_IITM convenor

Jayashree Vijaya Raghavan

(Convenor, IIT Madras)

Abhijeet Jawlekar _IITD convenor

Abhijeet Jawlekar

(Convenor, IIT Delhi)