Science for Rural India (SFRI) is a group originated in 2016 by the students of Indian Institute of Science with the primary motive of creating scientific curiosity and helping students, particularly from rural parts of India. The group is involved in spectrum of activities physical science outreach at rural schools around Bangalore, event ‘Kids Zone’ at Open Day IISc, scientific content creation and its regional language translation, PANIndia networking among several outreach groups, ‘Mental Health Awareness’ program, and a talk series ‘Nurturing buds’ for science popularization. SFRI continuously strives to bring awareness about the need for science outreach in rural areas among the students at IISc and other premier institutes (in the future) who are the future of our society.


  • PMRF candidate can opt for Science for Rural India (SFRI) outreach program as an option for the fulfilment of the TA ship only for one semester in the tenure of the fellowship.
  • Once registered with SFRI, the duration for the TA ship will be for the entire semester. The certificate of participation/completion of the TA ship will be awarded upon its successful completion.

SFRI-PMRF TAship deliverables

  1. Content creation (one activity with experimental model OR two activities without experimental model)
    • Creation of the content explaining scientific concept aligned with the NCERT textbook activities (Activities will be identified by SFRI).
    • The content should be supported by an experimental model which must be made with readily-available things.
    • If making an experimental model is not possible for the selected activity, then a candidate has to prepare the content for TWO activities.
    • The content should be prepared in English language and candidate’s mother tongue.
  2. PMRF candidate should conduct at least two physical/digital outreach session. (The sessions will be planned by SFRI)


   Translation of the content (at least two activities) to Hindi language. (This content is already prepared in English language, and will be made available for translation to the candidates opting for this option.)


  • PMRF candidates can opt for Science for Rural India (SFRI) outreach program as an option for the fulfillment of the TA ship only for one semester in the tenure of the fellowship. This TA ship has been organized in collaboration with the National Coordination Committee of PMRF.
  • The duration of the SFRIPMRF TA ship for this term will be from July 2022 to December 2022.
  • PMRF Nodal Institutes included for SFRIPMRF TA ship for this term are IISc, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IISER Pune, IIT Kanpur.
  • The process of enrolment by filling up a digital form (link given below) will start on 22 June 2022 at 10 am and end on 02 July 2022 at 11:59 pm. The confirmation of joining will be sent to respective PMRF candidates by 06 July 2022. The TA ship term will start from 07 July 2022.
  • A maximum of 30 PMRF candidates from IISc and 30 from the other mentioned institutes will be shortlisted for the TA ship for the aforementioned term. The selection of the candidates will be based on their responses to the form.
  • All related information will be updated on SFRI webpage.
  • Registration deadline has been extended till 9th July 2022 (To register, use the link given below). The confirmation of joining will be sent to respective PMRF candidates by 15th July 2022. The TA ship term will start from 16th July 2022.

To register for SFRIPMRF TA ship for JulyDecember 2022, please fill the form or scan the QR code.

SFRI TAship Activity Timeline

Activity Deadline
Registration/Enrolment for SFRI-PMRF TA ship: July- December 2022
22/06/2022 to 02/07/2022
Confirmation of participation to be sent to the selected PMRF candidates
Selection of topics/activities by PMRF candidates from the list floated by SFRI
07/07/2022 to 11/07/2022
Content preparation as per guidelines provided, Continuous monitoring and updating the work progress
12 July- 15 September 2022
Submission of the first version of the content created and revision after feedback from content management team
16/09/2022 (all activities); 15/10/2022 (final after revision)
Outreach activity/Translation project as planned by SFRI
Certification of the PMRF candidate for completion of the project


  • The mentioned timelines are tentative. However, it will be made sure that the activities undertaken by the candidates are completed well within the TA ship duration.
  • The assignment of the activities will be done so that the minimum requirements for the TA duties by a PMRF candidate are met.