Dr Anil Kakodkar

Dr Anil Kakodkar is a renowned Indian nuclear physicist and Mechanical engineer who put India in the top league of nuclear-capable nations. Dr Kakodkar obtained his BE (Mech. Engineering) degree from Bombay University in 1963 and M.Sc. in Experimental Stress Analysis from Nottingham University in 1969.

Dr Anil Kakodkar is a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Science, National Academy of Science, India, and Maharashtra Academy of Science. He was awarded Padma Shri (1998), Padma Bhushan (1999) and Padma Vibhushan, India’s second-highest civilian honour in 2009 by the Government of India.

Dr Kakodkar was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India and the Secretary to the Government of India. He was also the Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay. Anil Kakodkar has been an advocate of self-reliance for India in atomic energy production and was a key contributor to the development of India’s atomic energy program. He was involved in the first successful Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Experiment conducted by India in 1974 at Pokhran. And later, he played a key role in the series of successful Nuclear Tests conducted during 1998.  

Being an advocate of self-reliance for India in atomic energy production, Dr Kakodkar has devoted his time to energy, education, and social development issues. He has boosted the deployment of technologies for a better quality of life for both rural and urban populations. His philosophy and concept of CILLAGE, a knowledge-based ecosystem for bridging city and village gaps for technology-enabled sustainable development in rural areas, has encouraged many young minds to contribute to society.

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