Content Creation


  • To plan, design, and develop various experimental demonstrations based on topics ranging from Grade 6 to 12
  • To ensure conceptually error-free, easily understandable content for kids.
  • To make all the developed content easily accessible to all the kids of rural India.

Activities so far:

  • Successfully created more than 30 videos explaining and demonstrating various topics of science (Grade 8-10)
  • Scrutiny of content by IISc faculty
  • Managing of SFRI YouTube channel – library of videos of experimental demonstrations

Plans Ahead:

  • Focus on creating more experimental demonstrations covering science topics from Grade 6-7 & 11-12.

Team Members: Adithi Udupa (Lead), Sajjan Raj Keshari, Asif Raza, Supreeth M

Language Translation


  • Digital Kids Zone, 2021 : First digital science outreach event prompted by the pandemic, aimed to showcase science demonstrations using simple household items
    • Language of the event: English
    • No. of students attended: 75000+
  • Learning – Most of the audience from urban schools with good knowledge of the English language
  • Reachability of the content to rural areas – Content in regional languages


  • Translate the already developed content (which is in English) to various regional languages.
  • Organize an event for students’ participation in translating.
  • Start with translation to two languages initially; Hindi and Kannada.

Team Members: Abhiyan Poudel (Lead), Aparna Anilkumar, Keerthi S, Visakh M G, Parth Khokani

Talk Series (Nurturing the Buds)


  • To invite eminent personalities who have made significant contributions in the field of educational outreach and listen and learn from their experience.
  • To motivate intellectual youth for outreach activities who will play a pivotal role in improving the quality of school education, especially rural education.

Team members: Anshul Shrivastava (Lead), Uzair Iqbal, Manasa Bhatt, Vibhuti Shastri, Prince Singh, Sukesh Tallupudi, Sudhansu Rathore

PAN India Networking


  • Connect all science outreach groups present all over India.
  • Exchange Ideas via a conference.
  • Content sharing
  • Create a communication network for Digital outreach
  • Language translation to regional languages for existing content
  • Collection of problems faced during outreach to aid future planning
  • Promote the unique art and practices prevailing in Rural areas
  • Help each other to grow together
  • Upcoming collaborations: IISER – Tirupati (Unati), IIT-Ropar (Pehchan),

Moto of the Team: United we stand, Divided we fall.

Team Members: Anchal (Lead), Chetan, Sai, Tushar, Pragya

Mental Health & Career Guidance


  • One in four Indian children in the 13-15 age group suffer from depression: WHO
  • 50% of mental illnesses start by age 14.
  • The training to handle emotions is missing in the current education, starting from the school level to post-graduation


  • To create a miniature course (Mental Health First Aid) that provides basic knowledge about handling emotions for age 14- to 16, with the help of experts

Activities Planned: 3T Formula

  • Teach: How to handle emotions scientifically and overcome them? Handling our failures, professional jealousy, insecurities, awareness about seeking mental health.
    (Only 41% Young In India Seek Help For Battling Mental Health Issues)
  • Tell inspiring Stories: Cases of individuals successfully overcoming major setbacks
  • Test:  student’s response to hypothetical situations

Team members: Akshaya Nikumbh (Lead), Anurag Chittawar, Gautam Revankar, Pravin Kumar, Pragya Mishra, Shalini S, Senji Laxme, Tanveen

Science Exploratory (in planning phase)

  • Establishing permanent platform in IISc for the research community to communicate science to the unreached
  • An exhibition space with simplified science experiments-
    • to play with, operate, get amused, and learn
    • Interact with demonstrators
  • A classroom space-
    • To conduct workshops/summer school for children, fun science games/competitions
    • Quality improvement programmes for teachers
    • Guidance for education opportunities and career paths
  • A digital studio-
    • To launch digital outreach sessions
    • Audio and video recording facilities for better content creation and development
    • Hosting online lectures and podcasts

Team members:  Gautam(Lead), Manasa, Ashok