The Science for Rural India (SFRI) group originated during the discussions by a few like-minded students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc Bangalore, way back in 2016, who felt the need to do something about science education in rural India. The quality of education in most parts of rural India is dismal. Being students of one of the pioneering institutes of higher education in the country, we believe that a part of the responsibility lies on our shoulders, and we should address this problem directly or indirectly.  Slowly, over time, the idea of SFRI extended to the student community in other departments, and many students with similar visions joined the group. Currently, the group has around 30 active members, including students, staff, and faculty from various departments on the campus.

  • Current Members
  • Previous Members

Suyog Mahulkar, PhD, Mech. Engg.

B Ashok, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Nilesh Potghan, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Visakh M G, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Gautam Revankar, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Anam Adil, PhD, CST

Dasika Sundar, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Akshaya Nikumbh, PhD, CAOS

Anshul Srivastava, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Tavishi Dutt, PhD, CeNSE

Deepan Sharma, M.Tech(Res), Mech. Engg.

Adhip Gupta, M.Tech(Res), Mech. Engg.

Mayank Jaiswal, M.Tech(Res), Mech. Engg.

Chiranjeevi S, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Adithi Udupa, PhD, Physics

Anchal Thakur, PhD, ICER

Ankit Kumar, PhD, RBCCPS

Asif Raza, PhD, Civil

Chetan Teki, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Satwika B, PhD, ECE

Utkarsh Patbhaje, PhD, DESE

Sudhanshu Rathore, PhD, Civil

Uzair Iqbal, PhD, Mech. Engg.

P S V S Sai Kumar, PhD, RBCCPS

Sreelekshmi Soman G, PhD, CPDM

Reshmi Das, PhD, CST

Senji Laxme R R, PhD, CES

Manasa Bhat K I, PhD, Civil Engg.

Sajjan Raj Keshari, PhD, Mech Engg.

M.Mavinkure, PhD, CST (ASTRA)

Shrey Sahai Gupta, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Shrisruti Sriraman, PhD, IMI

Tushar Gaur, PhD, ECE

Sudhanshu Rathore, PhD, Civil Engg.

Aparna Anilkumar, PhD, CST

Saurav Roy, Mtech(Res), ECE

Vibhuti Shastri, MSc, CES

Bhogavalli Satwika, PhD, ECE

Abhiyan Paudel, M.Tech(Res), AE


Rushikesh Kabadi, M. Tech, Mech. Engg.

Abhiyan Paudel, M.Tech (Res), Aero. Engg.

Prince Singh Sisodiya, Int. PhD, MCB

Priyanka Agarwal, PhD, Chem. Engg.

Supreeth M, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Sanjeev kumar, MTech, Mech. Engg.

Tanveen Kaur Randhawa, PhD, CES

Abhishek Panchal, PhD, ICER

Hemant Dikshit, PhD, Mech. Engg.

Parth Kokhani, M.Tech (Res), Mech. Engg.

Biswajit Bharat, PhD, Mechanical

Sunil Bagaria, ME, Mechanical

Ankit Kumar, ME, Mechanical

Vivek Singh, ME, Mechanical

Virat Dhabaliya ,ME, Mechanical

Akriti Sharma,ME, Mechanical

Keshav Pandey, MSc,Mechanical

Sushant Karale,ME, Mechanical

Suhas Bannur, MSc, Mechanical

Vachan Rao, MSc, Mechanical

Harshit Gupta, MDes,CPDM

Akshay Desai, PhD, Mechanical

Omkar Hegade, PhD, Mechanical

Anoop Thakare, UG

Neeraj Panthi ,MSc, Mechanical

Shubham Agrawal,ME, Mechanical

Akshay Chate, ME, Mechanical

Nithin TN, PA, CGPL

Lokeshwara G., PA, CGPL

Jayashree V, PhD, BSSE

Arashdeep Singh, PhD, CST

Sunayana N, Post. Doc, MCB

Narayan Venkitachalam, M.Tech(Res), Mech. Engg.

Dipendra Gupta, M.Tech(Res), Mech. Engg.

Vishank Razdan, M.Tech, Mech. Engg.

Anand Kumar, M.Tech, Mech. Engg.

Shweta Chahal, PhD, Physics